Sleepmaster Organic Mattress

Try our mattresses made with organic and all-natural materials. Our materials are eco-friendly and sustainable, and work together to improve your quality of sleep in a manner that doesn’t disturb the environment.


Made in Syracuse.
Different styles, feels, and designs, all organic and eco-intelligent to help you find the right mattress for your body.
All materials are sustainable—reducing our reliance on the world’s natural resources.
All materials are either organic or eco-friendly and are as safe for the environment and they are for people.

Made with:

Organic Cotton: Chemical free—a plus for those who don’t want to expose themselves to chemicals.. This material also reduces the world’s reliance on the harsh chemicals and pesticides that increase our carbon footprint and contribute to the world’s pollution.
Eco-friendly Wool: Grown by sheep-friendly herders. A fantastic insulator, wool helps you sleep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You’re always at a comfortable temperature and you wake less to adjust the covers.
All-natural Latex: The world’s most natural latex comes from a rubber tree much the same way syrup comes from a Maple. This sustainable material reduces our reliance on the petro-products found in memory foams. Plus, it’s antimicrobial and dustmite resistant.


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