Sleepmaster Latex Mattresses

Sleepmaster pioneered the latex technology right here in Syracuse. It’s easy to see why it continues to be one of our customers’ favorite mattresses. Feel the bed and you’ll see, the natural elasticity and resilience conforms to every inch of your body. Plus, it repels dustmites, mold and moisture, making it a wonderful mattress if you suffer from asthma or allergies.


Pioneered and manufactured by Sleepmaster in Syracuse. Available at a factory-direct price.
Anti-microbial and anti-dustmite. Millions of tiny interconnecting cells help to circulate air around and through the bed, allowing the bed and body to breathe. Dustmites and mold are prevented.
Superior conformability, which aligns the spine and relieves pressure from the joints.
Eliminates partner disturbance, making it a great bed for couples. Absorbs the impact of movement, allowing partners to sleep peacefully.
Improves your sleep, making you feel more active during the day.


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Family-owned and family-run, Sleepmaster has been in our family for more than three generations