Factory Direct

A Factory-Direct Mattress with Benefits.

Buying factory direct not only saves you money; it also benefits you in other ways, as well.

Name Brand Materials. Our beds are made with the same materials that the larger mattress companies, such as Sealy, Simmons and Serta use. So you get a high-quality bed, for the lowest price possible.

Mattresses Made Daily. Our mattresses are made fresh in our factory and shipped directly to you. There is no down time, where your mattress is left sitting in a warehouse, or on a truck for weeks or months, where damage may occur.

Buy Local. Sleepmaster Mattress is the only mattress manufacturer located in Syracuse. So when you buy a mattress from us, you’re supporting the local economy and our hard-working employees who live right here in the area.


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Family-owned and family-run, Sleepmaster has been in our family for more than three generations