Sleep Accessories

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Metal Frames
Steel for a Steal.

Your mattress will be of very little value to you without proper support. That’s why Sleepmaster offers metal frames and bedrails to help give your bed and body the support you both need.

Easy snap-together set-up. No tools required!
Available in different sizes.

Protect-A-Bed Mattresses & Pillow Protectors
We have you Covered.

Protecting your mattress with one of our mattress pads will keep it clean. It also helps your mattress “breathe,” which reduces the likelihood of dustmites and mold.

Thin, yet durable, so it doesn’t disturb the comfort of your mattress.
Machine washable.
100% waterproof; yet breathable. Keeps heat and moisture out of your mattress.
Available in all standard sizes.

Pillow Talk.

Just like the right mattress, the right pillow can make all the difference for your body. Pillows provide the necessary support for the neck and spine. They alleviate pressure from the joints and help to prevent neck and back pain. Most importantly (you probably already know this), pillows make you more comfortable—a key factor to getting the type of unceasing sleep that leads to more active days.

Just like mattresses, pillows do lose their support over time. So if you’ve been snoozing on the same pillow since the Reagan administration, it’s time to get a new one. And if you’re buying a new mattress, having a new pillow that can play its supporting role will enable your new mattress to do its job.
Sleepmaster offers various pillows that offer the right balance of comfort and support.

Memory Foam Pillows – Conforms to your every curve to provide exactly the right amount of support. Springs back to its natural form after use.
All Natural Latex Pillows – Made out of the world’s most natural latex, a sustainable material. Provides support and is perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers because it’s anti-dustmite and anti-mold.


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